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You can help the Jazzschool grow and keep its fees affordable for all. Please visit our Support page to learn about the many ways to help sustain America's indigenous art form!

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The Jazzschool “Musical Chairs” Campaign




The Jazzschool’s wooden folding chairs are “on their last legs” so we are mounting a campaign to replace all of them with a permanent set of Wenger Student Chairs, specially designed to improve and enhance the musician’s posture.These durable and comfortable chairs are perfect for our classrooms and concert hall. Large quantities of them are easily and quietly moved from one location to another within the Jazzschool via a custom-made cart. These chairs will last a lifetime, completely eliminating the expense of replacing aging wooden folding chairs each year.

You can help the Jazzschool’s “Musical Chairs” Campaign by making a contribution of $75 per chair to the Jazzschool. We will have your name or the name of an honoree engraved on the back of each chair you have helped the Jazzschool purchase.

To make a contribution to the Musical Chairs Campaign, please contact Dean Muench, Operations Director, at dean@jazzschool.org or call the Jazzschool at 510-845-5373.

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