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Hello and welcome!

Rob Ewing

It is my pleasure to present dozens of fun and engaging courses and workshops offered
at the Jazzschool Community Music School this Winter quarter.

Jazz ensembles range from the Beginning Jazz Ensemble (for musicians with some
instrumental facility and knowledge of jazz harmony, but minimal ensemble experience)
through intermediate and advanced-level groups, including Jazz Standards for Gigs, Hard
Bop, Post Bop, the music of specific composers, including Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and
Herbie Hancock, Music of the Masters, the McCain Jazz Ensembles, the Big Band, multiple Piano Trio and Guitar Trio sections and a Free Jazz Ensemble. Branching into other styles, we also offer blues, salsa, Balkan, African and pop ensembles. All ensembles are placed by audition.

Our sequence of piano courses is one of the most comprehensive anywhere and ranges from Piano I for total beginners, through multiple levels of jazz piano. The guitar department is also extensive offering Beginning Guitar, Music Theory for Guitarists, blues and jazz at multiple levels and Brazilian fingerstyle guitar. We offer three levels of bass courses for electric and upright bass. Drum and percussion courses include Beginning Drum Set and several specialized courses like Improve Your Groove, Jazz Drumming, Afro-Venezuelan and Latin Percussion. Theory, improvisation and composition courses are also offered for all instruments.

Learn more about our many vocal courses and young musicians courses.

Many one-day and short-term workshops are also offered, with amazing visiting artists including Victoria Theodore, Ben Goldberg, Michael Blake (with Frank Kimbrough, Ben Allison and Rudy Royston), Rez Abbasi (with Bill Ware, Stephan Crump and Eric McPherson) and many, many more!

I’m proud of what we’re able to offer to the Bay Area music community as we approach 19 years in operation in Berkeley! I hope you will consider participating in one or more of our courses and workshops this Winter, and I encourage you to contact me or any of our staff members with any questions you may have about the programs offered this term.




Rob Ewing
Jazzschool Community Music School

The Word

“A friend persuaded me to take the Jazz Guitar class from Mimi, 7-8 years
ago. That started me on a wonderful journey of learning and enjoyment
of jazz, music theory, ensemble performance, and more.”

— Jazzschool Student